JP Chief Ershad vows to BATA Team

Jatya Party Supports Tobacco Control Law Amendment


Report By Aminul Islam Sujon (Guest Author) :: Smoking and tobacco use kills people; generates adverse impact on public health and economy. Jatya Party Chief and former President Hussain Muhammad Ershad expressed JP support to law amendment for death reduction and enhancement of public health.

At 1.00 PM former President Hussain Muhammad Ershad told Bangladesh Anti-Tobacco Alliance (BATA) team “We have strong support to law amendment in order to improve public health”. He also assures supporting law amendment in ensuing session of National Assembly.

Bangladesh Anti-Tobacco Alliance (BATA) team said that chewable tobacco is not included in the existing law for which it is not possible to control these products. In addition, the written messages are not viable for the illiterate. So, pictorial health warning needs to be given on packs of tobacco products. Jatya Party Chief and former President Hussain Muhammad Ershad was intently requested for his support to include these issues through law amendment. It is to mention that Jataya Party is one of the major members of the Mohajote government.

There is no confusion that tobacco harms public health, environment and economy. Bangladesh Anti-Tobacco Alliance (BATA) recommended law amendment for inclusion of all kinds of tobacco products in the law, extension of scope of authorized officer for law implementation, giving pictorial health warning on tobacco packs and stopping direct and indirect advertisements of tobacco products.  The recommendation was made while meeting Jatya Party Chief and former President Hussain Muhammad Ershad as part of the activities for creating support of Parliament Members for law amendment.

The Bangladesh Anti-Tobacco Alliance (BATA) team was composed of Ibnul Sayed Rana, Executive Director of Nirapad Development Foundation (NDF), and Gaus Piaree Mukti, Director (Admin), Sayeda Anonna Rahman, National Advocacy Officer as well as Media Advocacy Officer Syed Saiful Alam of WBB Trust.

It needs to mention that, Jatiya Party (JP) is 3rd populated political party in Bangladesh led by former Prisident of Bangladesh,Hussain Muhammad Ershad. JP also 3rd major political party at the current parliament and second biggest party of current 14 party coalition government.

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