Super HappYYness Festival 2020 in Germany

In 2020 the two most creative and social consciousness-driven conferences, the Global Social Business Summit and Social Business Day, have teamed up to present a combined event under one banner: Super HappYYness Festival, the planetary conference to unleash social consciousness , is scheduled to be held in Munich, Germany from 26th-29th of June 2020.

The Super HappYYness Festival aims at accelerating the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and creating a New Civilization by 2050.

The festival will mobilize all our energy, creativity and commitment to create a World of Three Zeros and protect the planet as well as our society from its impending dangers of wealth concentration, global warming, and massive unemployment.

It is designed to bring together people like you, the global social business community and social consciousness driven humans from all generations to share their experiences, to learn from each other and to inspire each other.

Get ready for four days of Super HappYYness, full of inspiration, commitments, and creativity leading to innovative solutions that you haven’t thought about yet.

Activists from all generations will share their experiences, to learn from and inspire each other. Let’s listen to the committed and experienced people and find the right solutions. The topics are arranged in terms of “Hubs” — Environment, Life, Sports, Arts & Culture, Youth, Technology and more.

Please get your discounted tickets before the early bird rate runs out on the 26th of February from

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