19th World Congress of Aesthetic Medicine in Cape Town

Cape Town 

NGO News Desk :: The UIME (Union International de Medecine Esthetique) hosts the world congress every
2nd year in a different country. This is the 1st time in history that this world congress is
being held in an African country and it is probably the most important aesthetic medical
event ever in Southern Africa. We are expecting aesthetic medical professionals from
over 45 countries to join us and 42 exhibition stands. The 19th World Congress of
Aesthetic Medicine 2013 will focus on a strong scientific program combined with
teaching, training and live workshops to educate doctors from all over the world on the
latest trends, new techniques, discoveries, products and devices in the field of Aesthetic
Medicine. The strong congress program will be the major factor attracting delegates to
attend this imperative event. The scientific committee is made up of experts from
various countries who understands the educational and business needs of physicians in
the industry. The exhibition will be a showcase of international companies from various
continents with products, devices and techniques relating to aesthetic and anti-aging
medicine. WCAM 2013 is a global educational and business event that cannot be missed
by anyone involved in this fast evolving industry! Make sure to also not miss out on the African Valentine’s Gala

Dinner on the 14 of February 2013 with beautiful views of Cape Town and Table Mountain!

Doctors, students, assistants, press and companies are all welcome to attend the 19 World Congress of Aesthetic Medicine.

For more information contact us info@wcam2013.org or visit the online website

Dr Calisti Annalisa

Jens Pietersen

Dr Emanuele Bartoletti
Dr Lakhdar Bellhaoari
Ulundi Behrtel
Dr Frederic Braccini
Dr Frederic Berne
Dr Alastair Clark
Colin Campbell
Dr Duncan Carmichael
Dr Anna Maria Carulli
Whitney Chow
Dr Catherine Davies
Dr Koen de Boulle
Dr Michel Delune
Dr Philippe Deprez
Dr Jean-Jacques Deutsch
Dr Marianne Duvenage
Dr Shimon Eckhouse
Dr Ayman El-Attar
Dr Des Fernandes
Dr Chris Giezing
Dr Craige Golding

Dr Shlomit Halachmi
Dr Yves Hébert
Dr Steven B Hopping
Dr Jenni Irvine
Dr Andrzej Ignaciuk
Dr Viviene Jandera
Dr Barlodien Kotze
Dr Suritha Kruger
Dr Edyta Adamczyk Kutera
Dr Béatrice Lafarge-Claoué
Dr Melanie Lamprecht
Dr Nardus Le Grange
Dr Antoine Lorcy
Dr Patrick Micheels
Dr Nathali Morrow
Dr Pholile Mpofu
Dr Alek Nikolic
Dr Sly Nedic
Dr A. Michael Okpala
Dr Herve Padey
Dr Kamila K Padlewska
Dr Philippe Petit
Dr Alessia Pini
Dr David Presbury
Dr N Raboobee
Dr Eugeniya Ranneva
Dr Herve Raspalco
Dr Alessio Redaelli
Dr Simone Saiglia
Dr Riekie Smit
Prof Eduardo Serna
Dr Arthur Swift
Dr Salvatore Terrani
Dr Fulvio Tomaselli
Dr Stefano Toschi
Dr Jonathan Toogood
Dr Vladimir Tsepkolenko
Dr Vladimir Tspekolenko
Dr Jani Van Loghem
Dr Cobus Van Niekerk
Dr Riccaro Vigetti
Dr Deon Weyers
Dr Nerina Wilkinson

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