86th Social Business Design Lab Held

86th Social Business Design Lab Held: Turning Unemployment into Entrepreneurship The 86th Social Business Design Lab took place today 22 June 2015 at the Grameen Bank Auditorium. About 150 participants and observers, from national and international organizations with diverse background attended the program, including a large number of international visitors.

The Design Lab was chaired by Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus. He opened the lab with welcoming remarks to the audience including those tuning in via live stream. Professor Yunus explained the process of the Lab, to review and assess social business plans of entrepreneurs.

He reported that to date since January 2013, a total of 1175 projects had been presented during 86 labs of which 1150 projects were approved for investment, and most of these already in operation. At today’s Lab, six new social business plans were presented, all of which were Nobin Udyokta businesses presented by young entrepreneurs coming from Grameen Bank borrowers families.

It include a range of interesting business with color ful products including Complete Ladies Shop & Parlor producing ladies clothing and decoration products by Fahmida Tanjim, Lamea Bag House producing cloth carry bags by Rubel Ahmed, Lima & Fatema Machinery Store by Liton, Amena Phool Nursery producing cut flowers for sale in the city by Masud Rana, Ritu Enterprise producing handloom Shuttles by Ritu Sutrodhor and Bhai Bhai Handmade Soap by Runa Begum.

These business plans were presented by each of the young entrepreneurs including all details of project plan, marketing plan, and sustainability plan. There were several rounds of discussions on how each social business could be improved and strengthened during the main session as well as in breakout sessions.

All six of the social business projects were approved for funding from various social business funds. These projects would be reviewed in the upcoming Labs, and through regular reports on Social Business Pedia.

Professor Yunus thanked the participants for the innovative social businesses and noted that it was exciting that so many ideas were now a reality and how impressive it was that entrepreneurs coming from so far away could present their business plans and defend them in front of distinguished international audience. Professor Yunus also invited participants to join next Social Business Design Lab, to be held on 11 July 2015.

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