Bangladesh protested latest influx of Myanmar nations to Bangladesh

Bangladesh protested latest influx of Myanmar nations to Bangladesh. Bangladesh lodged strong protest against unprecedented level of influx of Myanmar nationals to Bangladesh since 25 August 2017. Bangladesh expressed deep concern on the escalation of violencein the Rakhine State Streams resulting in huge influx of affected civilian population entering into Bangladesh to escape from violence and save their lives.

As per estimate of the UN agencies, around 125,000 (one hundred twenty five thousand) affected Myanmar nationals have taken shelter into Bangladesh and tens of thousands are on their ways. This new influx is unbearable additional burden on Bangladesh who has been hosting around four hundred thousand of Myanmar nationals who had to leave Myanmar in several rounds in the past owing to communal violence and repeated military operations. Bangladesh stressed that she must not be the victim of repeated violence and instability in the Rakhine State.

A paper was handed over to the Charge’ d Affaires a,i of the Myanmar Embassy in Dhaka today at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during meeting with the Director General (South East Asia Wing) of the Ministry.

Bangladesh demanded immediate measures from Myanmar to de-escalate the ongoing violence in the Northern Rakhine State and immediate effective measures from the Myanmar authorities to stop the ongoing influx of Myanmar nationals into Bangladesh and requests Myanmar to address the real cause of such unprecedented exodus.

Bangladesh also regretted that appropriate measures for protection of civilian population have not been ensured during the military operation that compelled huge number of desperate people to seek shelter in Bangladesh, and emphasized on taking immediate and appropriate measures of protection by Myanmar for unarmed civilians of all communities in the Rakhine State regardless of ethnicity and religion so that affected civilians do not need to make desperate attempts to seek shelter in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh also urged Myanmar to take immediate measures to take back all Myanmar nationals who crossed over to Bangladesh.

During the meeting with the Charge’ d Affaires a,i of the Myanmar Embassy in Dhaka, the Ministry also expressed concern at the reported laying down of anti-personnel land mine close to the zero line of the border by Myanmar security forces.

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