‘Care for Lives’ donated food items and clothes in Baganbari slum

‘Care for Lives’ donated food items and clothes to the people in Baganbar slum. The organization ”Care for lives” was founded by Two persons. They have opened this organization along with 17 members. It was opened on June 7, 2016. All the members of “Care for lives” are from Bangladesh University of Professionals. The organization stands for the poor deprived people and street animals.

They wanted to do something special for the deprived people in this Eid. So they made a plan of launching their First event before Eid. The Team ”Care for lives” targeted “Baganbari Slum” to execute their plan. They took donation from their university by arranging an “Iftar party”. Half of the donation was invested into iftar and the rest of donation was used for buying “Eid Bazar” and clothes for the poor people. Finally they finished their event successfully on 30th June. They provided 40 packets Eid bazar to 40 families of Baganbari Slum.

The packet contains food items- 1kg polao rice, 1kg sugar, 200gm Shemai and half liter fresh oil. They provided clothes to more than 120 people of that Slum. They will arrange more and more events for helping out the poor people and the street animals. Care for lives is looking forward to help the discriminated living creatures. They want help from people and media to run this organization for the well- being of the poor people. Their Tagline is – “We don’t just care for humans, We care for lives”

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