Care For Lives is helping poor children continuously

Voluntary and non-profit organization Care For Lives is helping to the poor children continuously. On April 21st, Friday, Care For Lives an organization for helping the underprivileged people of the society, established by some students of the Bangladesh University of Professionals, organised an event where they fed approximately 70 street children of Mohammadpur area at the Shyamoli Shishu Park of Shyamoli Mohammadpur.

They were given food completely free of cost along with soft drinks. After lunch, the kids and the members of Care For Lives enjoyed cutting cakes and distributing chocolates among the kids and they also had some playful moments with the kids.

The kids were very happy and they were expressing their gratitude with sharing their foods and exchanging hugs and kisses with the members of Care For Lives. One of the co-founder of Care For Lives, Sanjida Islam said “We find peace and happiness in spreading the love towards these children who are deprived of the love they deserve so we like to take such initiatives and in the future we want to continue our work in spreading the love.”

Another co-founder of the organization said that by doing such events we want to send messages towards the youth for coming forward and helping to make a beautiful world for the children.

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