Career & Self Development Training Program at Jahangirnagar University

Career TrainingJahangirnagar University is the sole career oriented club of the university. From the very beginning JUCC is organizing events to develop JU students career and is trying to introduce with corporate culture as well as corporate skills.

To comply with our needs JUCC is going to arrange a training session for the students at first time. Training will conduct by Career Stride Bangladesh. We also provide participant a certificate after successfully completion of the training. This exclusive training is only for the 4th year students and fresh graduates.

Date: 2 January 2015

Time: 9:00-5:30

No. of Participants:  40

Content will be covered –

1. What is career planning & why it is important?
2. Stages of career planning
3. Self development
4.What do you know about yourself & how can you learn more?
5. The career wheel
6. Career planning- Real world experiences
7.Stat your career planning journey
8.Exploring options
9.How can you learn about the job market ?
10. Career research worksheet
11.Career opportunities
12.Exploration- What are the different ways of working?
13. Self making decisions
14.How can you decide your career?
15. Career decisions making chart
16. Identifying strengths and barriers
17.Scenario of planning
18.Setting goals
19.How do you set goals?
20. 5 rules implementing in your plan- How you can take action?

## Methodologies
1. Brainstorming and group discussions
2. Role play and games
3. PowerPoint  presentations
4. Video presentations
5. Case studies
6. Interactive lecturers
7. Practice sessions

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