CIME’s fifth anniversary celebrated around the world

CIME  NGO News Desk :: CIME was established 17 November 2008 following a journalism seminar in Prague that brought together young journalists who wanted to make a change in the ethics of media around the world.

During its first 5 years, CIME has grown exponentially and has reached many media professionals. Among our achievements, we organised the International Media Ethics Day twice, first with 300 then with 600 participants. Our annual Forum has evolved through Benin, Mexico, Hungary and Bhutan from one day discussions to 2 day workshops with training. The CIME short video contest, essay writing contest and Fellowship programme have attracted hundreds of applicants and participants and are a testimony of the need for an increased attention brought to media ethics.

It was heart-warming to see the enthusiastic supporters of media ethics from different parts of the world celebrating CIME’s fifth anniversary on 17 November 2012.

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