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How to ApplyNGO News Report :: AuditAsia is being created as a shared services unit to provide internal audit services to CGIAR centres headquartered in Asia. Initial members are CIFOR, IWMI, and IRRI.

Title: Director of Internal Audit

Location: The Director will be hosted at the headquarters of one of the AuditAsia member centres (Colombo, Sri Lanka; Bogor, Indonesia; or Los Baños, Philippines). Terms and conditions of employment will be according to the host centre’s approved Human Resource policies. Other AuditAsia staff will be based at member centres but not necessarily in the same location as the Director.

Reports to: The Director reports as follows:

 Center Audits – relevant center board/audit committee in regards to assurance or advisory services commissioned by each center.

 Non audit administrative matters – AuditAsia sponsors group (member centre corporate service directors or equivalent) The AuditAsia Sponsors group will provide administrative oversight of the CGIAR-IAU budgets and fees, Director and unit performance planning and evaluation by collating inputs from centre Audit Committee, and other matters not directly related to client specific audit or audit plans.


As chief internal audit executive of AuditAsia, the Director is responsible for properly managing the internal audit activities of the Unit so that:

 The Unit fulfills its established business objectives

 Internal audit resources are employed efficiently and effectively, and in accordance with the overall directives of the member centres and relevant host Center financial and administrative policies

 Audit work conforms to the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing published by the Institute of Internal Auditors and adopted by the CGIAR.

 Liaison with the CGIAR Internal Audit Unit in regards to quality assurance and audits of CGIAR Research Programmes (CRPs). The Director establishes plans to carry out the responsibilities of the Unit. This process involves establishing and maintaining an overall Business Plan for the Unit Unit-level and client-level audit work schedules, staffing plans, financial budgets and fee structures, and activity reports.

RESPONSIBILITIES: The Director is responsible for:

 Establishing professional and administrative policies and procedures to guide the Unit staff and, in relation to professional auditing practice, the internal auditors hired directly by the Centers if relevant;

 Establishing and maintaining a program for selecting and developing the human resources of the Unit, and assisting Centers in this regard with respect to internal auditors hired directly by the Centers if relevant;

 Implement a risk based internal audit program approved by the relevant centre Board, and coordinating the internal and external audit efforts to ensure adequate and costeffective risk based audit coverage, and minimize duplicate audit efforts;

 Liaise with the CGIAR Internal Audit Unit in regards to CGIAR Research Programs (CRP) audits related to AuditAsia member centres;

 Establishing and maintaining a quality assurance program to evaluate internal audit operations and performance including periodic independent external evaluations;

 Managing the overall relationship between the Unit and the Center management and Boards, and the CGIAR IAU in respect of Tier 1 fees. In this regard the Director takes primary responsibility for the Unit’s business planning, overall audit work programming, and activity reporting and hosting arrangements;

 Preparing and reviewing good practice notes, discussion papers, general presentations and other publicly available products of the Unit;

 Undertaking selected audit assignments within agreed work programs of the Unit’s clients, particularly those of a more complex and/or sensitive nature


AuditAsia seeks to be diverse, reflecting the global nature of the organizations it provides services to, and welcomes applications from suitably qualified and experienced women and men from a range of backgrounds and experience. The selection criteria for Director of Internal Audit are those for an experienced manager with a track record of demonstrated excellence at an international level who has superior critical thinking and communication capabilities in order to help clients identify and implement improvements, and who can provide leadership to AuditAsia and the member centre community. Applications for this position should take into consideration the selection criteria listed below.

1. University level relevant academic qualification.

2. Professional qualification relevant to undertaking internal audit work. CIA or an appropriate Chartered Accountancy/CPA qualification mandatory. Particular qualifications which would be desirable relate to information technology (CISA, CISM), fraud examination (CFE) administration and corporate governance.

3. At least 10 years of progressive experience in planning, conducting and managing internal or external audits; investigations; and/or studies and consultancies related to corporate governance, risk management, organizational development, internal controls and compliance systems, with a significant portion of that experience at an executive level. Having a significant part of that experience devoted to internal audit is considered essential. Having additional line experience within organizations in financial, administrative, technology, project management, quality system, regulatory compliance or corporate governance positions would also be an advantage.

4. Ability to plan, conduct and manage audits, in accordance with international professional standards, in any or all of the following fields:

 Operational/efficiency

 Information systems

 Financial reporting and financial / administrative controls

 Forensic audit and investigations

Experience in various advanced professional techniques such as the use of data analysis software, statistical tools, problem solving methods and facilitation of risk/control self assessment would be an advantage.

5. A very good knowledge of internal control and risk management frameworks and concepts.

6. Mature understanding of the ethical framework for internal auditors and an ability to appreciate ethical issues applicable generally in the work place.

7. Superior analytical skills.

8. Superior skills in written and verbal communication in English, together with proven ability to deliver clear, logical and succinct presentations and written reports and correspondence. Proficiency in the local languages in the host countries of the AuditAsia Centers would be an advantage.

9. Ability to provide authoritative, professional advice and assistance to audit client senior executives, managers and staff, in a constructive manner.

10. Ability to inspire and lead a team of professionals to aim for and deliver excellence.

11. Superior inter-personal skills, including an ability to work harmoniously in a multi-cultural environment within AuditAsia and in the client entities.

12. Willingness to undertake a significant amount of travel outside the duty station.

13. Experience operating in a complex, semi-federated organizational structure is necessary

14. Demonstrated experience of leading and managing change.

How to Apply:

For complete job details and to submit application, please check our website or click this direct link: Deadline for application: 5 March 2015

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