NGO News Report :: Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus met Graca Machel, wife of Nobel Laureate Nelson Mandela, popularly known by his endearing name Madiba, on October 4 in Johannesburg. Professor Yunus extended the great respect and admiration of the people of Bangladesh and their prayer for the good health of the great leader Nelson Mandela. He enquired about the health of Madiba.

Professor Yunus was invited by the Nelson Mandela Foundation to deliver the Mandela Lecture on the occasion of Madiba’s 91st birthday in 2009 in a nationally televised event by Madiba and the top leaders of South Africa. He also joined The Elders, a group of world leaders, under the chairmanship of Madiba. Both Madiba and Graca have been long time admirers of microcredit and work of Professor Yunus.  Professor Muhammad Yunus is now visiting South Africa to attend One Young World Summit and the inaugural meeting of the B-Team, an organization of the business leaders of the world, convened by Sir Richard Branson to design the future structure of business world to take the world in the right direction.


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