Educate Girls Gets $75,000 Funding From Goldman Sachs

Non-profit organisation Educate Girls has received a grant of USD 75,000 (about Rs. 48.26 lakh) from leading global brokerage firm Goldman Sachs. Educate Girls secured the funding as a team of analysts from the Bengaluru office of Goldman Sachs came at the second place in the “2017 Goldman Sachs Gives Global Analyst Impact Fund” competition. The first place went to Kiron Open Higher Education, which is a Berlin-based non-profit which connects refugees to content, mentoring, and accreditation needed to achieve higher education.

The annual Analyst Impact Fund is an initiative that provides Goldman Sachs employees with the opportunity to collaborate with peers from across global offices to win a grant for a non-profit organisation of their choice and impact the communities where they live and work.

The funding comes from Goldman Sachs Gives, a donor- advised fund through which the investment bank and its current and retired senior employees provide grants to qualifying non- profit organisations globally.

Educate Girls is a Mumbai-based non-profit organisation that works towards improving enrolment, retention and learning outcomes for girls in some of the most rural and marginalised communities in India.

This year, the competition featured nearly 300 analysts across 17 offices, who presented applications to support more than 75 non-profit organisations from around the world. Last year, Goldman Sachs employees from India had secured a USD 50,000 grant for non-profit Digital Green Foundation.

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