‘Enabling environment’ needed to engage young leaders

Limited finance and scarcity of resources have been singled out as two main issues preventing Pacific youth from effectively participating in activities surrounding low carbon development and climate change.

Oxfam’s Pacific Island Climate Action Network Coordinator, Genevieve Jiva highlighted this at the inaugural Pacific Resilience Meeting (PRM), under the theme “Youth Futures in a Resilient Pacific.”

While, Ms Jiva acknowledge these two major impediments, she said more needed to be done to effectively engage young leaders at all levels of development and implementation of low carbon development.

“Even more crucially we need to create an enabling environment where young leaders have a dedicated representation at all levels of decision making and implementation,” Ms Jiva said.

“As a start perhaps I can ask the Pacific Resilience Partnership to include a young leader in the Taskforce who can represent the views of the Pacific youths in that spectrum.”

She expressed satisfaction with the growing engagement of youths in addressing climate change across the globe, including the Pacific region.

“The growing engagement across the globe shows the increasing recognition of the urgency of issues of climate change,” she added.

The Oxfam Pacific Island Climate Action Network Coordinator reiterated that the work on climate change within the region and abroad cannot effectively move into the future if young people are left out.

She said she was confident that the youth population is already aware and ready to be meaningful partners in low carbon development and climate change, but that they will need all the support they can get, from within and abroad to make it happen.

Ms Jiva says for them, it’s a learning process through their research and many advocacy activities that they have been engaged in.

“We will win this fight but not alone, we need those who have been part of this journey for years, ready to fight with us, and with those who will come after us,” she concluded.

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