Gordon Brown backs Plan’s campaign for girls’ education

gordon-hand-group-180 NGO News Desk ::17 December 2012: Gordon Brown, the United Nations Special Envoy for Global Education, has raised his hand to support  Plan’s campaign for girls’ education.

He now joins more than 600,000 people worldwide who have raised their hand to demand that girls’ education is made a priority.

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Campaign successes

Intense campaigning by thousands of  Plan supporters has recently seen the announcement of a series of political commitments and actions in support of girls’ education.

A global campaign was launched after 15-year-old Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai was shot by the Taliban because she defended every girl’s right to an education.

Plan joined the Malala campaign and helped the ‘I am Malala’ petition for girls’ education secure over 2 million signatures, doubling the original target.

Pakistan education boost

Amidst this mounting pressure, for the first time the Pakistan government voted for compulsory free education. Three million girls and boys will now receive cash transfers to help them go to school. The Pakistan government has also announced a £6 million ‘Malala Fund’ to educate underprivileged girls.

Gordon Brown has announced that there will be a global summit in April 2013 focusing on girls’ education – and a day of action on Malala’s birthday on 12 July next year.

Worldwide plan

Gordon Brown has also supported a worldwide education action plan being drawn up by the UN Youth Advisory Group – which includes a member of Plan UK’s Youth Advisory Panel – at a meeting hosted by Plan UK last week.

The action plan is part of Education First*, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s global initiative on education.

“Young people are leading the global rights revolution. The Youth Advisory Group for ‘Education First’ speaks for young people across the globe,” says Mr Brown.

“They share a common purpose with Malala and others standing up for the fundamental right for all children and youth to realise their potential through a quality education.”

Millions of girls across the world are denied the right to an education.

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Find out more about the Because I am a Girl campaign

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