Nation celebrates smoke free Pohela Boishakh

Bangla New Year NGO News Report :: Pohela Boishak (First day of Bangla Year) is the biggest festival in Bangladesh; everyone celebrates this day with the participation at the various kinds of events. Millions of people participated in this festival.

Dhaka Metrapolitan Police (DMP) declared smoke free all festive areas in Dhaka including Ramna Park (most popular national event in Batomul inside of this park), Sohrawardi Udyan, TSC, Shahbag etc. Millions of people visited all this events.

To save non-smoker including child and women, DMP’s smoke free declaration is positive initiative for tobacco control. DMP shared information on smoke free throughout their promotional and informational process.

To sensitize mass people about DMP’s declaration on smoke free Pohela Boishakh, Bangladesh Anti Tobacco Alliance (BATA), Work for a Better Bangladesh (WBB) Trust, Pratysha Anti Drug’s Club published and hang-on digital banner every festive event places. This colourful digital banners is contains with written message and no-smoking sign.

Activist also disseminated smoke stickers, leaflets, posters, banners and hang-on large banners in the event places. Anti tobacco activists also run rally at Basabo and Dhaka Univeristy area to create awareness on smoke free and tobacco control law.

BATA, WBB Trust, Pratysha creates mass awareness on smoke free environment as per tobacco control law since 2006. From 2010, Dhaka Metrapolitan Police (DMP) taking led this initiative with BATA, WBB Trust and Pratysha to ensure smoke free environments at each of public places. DMP also recived BATA national award 2011 for their anti-tobacco initiatives.

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