Pakistan NGO helps 78 fishermen return to India

Two years after they were detained by Pakistan maritime security agency for trespassing into Pakistani territory, 78 Indian fishermen found their way back to their country on Monday. Their two-day journey from captivity to freedom was arduous, but the Indian nationals said they can forget their years of imprisonment, thanks to a renowned Pakistani social organisation.

Islamabad, as a goodwill gesture, had released these prisoners from a Karachi jail on Sunday, following which the Edhi Foundation took their responsibility.

An Indian prisoner Kanji, who was among those released, said he was first afraid about being handed over to some unknown people, but he was in for a surprise as upon their release they were given food, cash and gifts by the foundation’s volunteers.

“I wish governments of both the countries would behave like the volunteers of Edhi Foundation,” Kanji said. Another fisherman Karsan said, “I may forget the time spent in jail but not the love and affection shown by Edhi Foundation volunteers. They didn’t know us and yet they gave us Rs 5,000 each along with gifts. They were generous.”

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