Rejoinder on News item titled “NGOs had to spend 20 pc of climate funds on bribe: TIB”

NGO News Desk :: Attention of the Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) has been drawn to the aforesaid news item published in the electronic media yesterday and some print media today.  PKSF feels it necessary to clarify certain points raised in the news item about the selection process of NGOs for the climate fund. Initially Government selected 131 NGOs from over four thousand applications. Later on PKSF was entrusted with the NGO verification and finance. Finally, 63 NGOs were selected (58 NGOs initially, 8 subsequently). During the procedure, PKSF investigated existence of the NGOs, their capacity, previous activities/experience etc. Only those NGOs which fulfilled the above criteria were selected for funding.

As such TIB Report’s on non-existence of 10 NGOs is not correct. According to the existing terms and conditions, selected NGOs are at liberty to engage partners for project implementation. Since the climate change adaptation is a new concept we found some NGOs are facing some difficulties in implementing the project. It is noteworthy to mention that PKSF’s fund allocation and selection criteria are very rigid and transparent. Strict rules are followed in the entire process. There is no scope for any unfair means or corrupt practice in PKSF activities. The Government of Bangladesh and the Development Partners including the NGO-Civil society are aware and appreciative of PKSF’s high standard of transparency and efficiency.

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