Reports On World Environment Day 2019

CCDI Africa Cameroon visit to Saint Bilingual Nursery and Primary school to discuss waste separation and waste recycling with students and teachers. We also provides some waste bins for the school for proper separation of waste.


As part of activities to commemorate the 2019 World Environment Day (June 5), We partner with Local community host an event tagged: “Strengthening Community Capacity To Deal With Air Pollution” The event which held in line with the United Nations theme for the World Environment Day: “Beat Air Pollution,” we heard a discussion on the importance of WED & air noise pollution and it causes.

ICCDI Africa Cameroon chapter joined the rest of the world to mark World Environment Day today Wednesday 5th May 2019 in Limbe. Participants came from 3 towns; Limbe, Buea, and Doula. The seminar was organized by SDGs Cameroon.

There were presentations on air pollution and its effect on human health as well as biodiversity.

Recommendations were made not to only depend on the government to reduce air pollution but also take initiative in our own little ways such as ‘one man one tress’, use of clean energy such as solar energy and bio-fuels.


As part of activities to mark World Environment Day 2019, annually celebrated on the 5th of June, ICCDI Africa organized a Movie Screening and Students’ Dialogue particularly on the theme of the year, Air Pollution. The event held at Start-Rite Schools at Plot 1036, Adesoji Aderemi Street, Off Samuel Jereton Mariere Road after Zone E National Assembly Quarters Gudu, Abuja. The aim of the event was to create awareness and enlighten students about Air pollution, its direct and indirect effect on man and actions that can be taken to make the environment more conducive to live in.


Mrs. Toyin Balogun warmly welcomed the International Climate Change Development Initiative (ICCDI Africa) and introduced the team members – Seyifunmi Adebote and John Kennedy.

‘Seyifunmi Adebote, the team lead explained ICCDI Africa and some of the organization’s activities towards addressing Climate Change, particularly how students are involved.

Mr. John Kennedy, one of the volunteers introduced the theme of the World Environment Day, Air Pollution to the students.

This was followed by the screening of two short video clips; the first titled “The Forest Carbon Project. What is all about?” a 6 minutes documentary produced by the Polish Government that answers questions about how the circles of human activities and how it is contributing to climate change, particularly stressing sources of Air pollution, its effects and how the earth is gradually warming up.

The second video was by “The Walk Home”, produced by World Health Organization. It is 1 minute, 32 seconds clip that is very exciting, stressing why children should not be subject air pollution amidst the many challenges they are prone to. After the movie screenings, the students paired themselves in 4 sections, based on the sources of pollutions they identified – Gas Flaring, Fossil Fuel, Indiscriminate Burning of Refuse, Decomposition of biowaste.

After a 15 minutes dialogue among themselves, with the coordination of their teachers, each group made presentations sharing knowledge about ways to addressed the identified causes of air pollution. John Kennedy led the concluding part of the event explaining using diagrams and illustrations on air pollution, their sources, effect on man and on the environment in general, most importantly, what actions each student can take.

The event was wrapped up by ‘Seyifunmi Adebote who gave a closing speech and a vote of thanks to the principal and management of the school for giving ICCDI Africa and its team an opportunity to engage.

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