Seminar on Forest Policy & Forest Act organized by Prodipan

Prodipan Staff Correspondent :: “People Oriented Climate Resilience Forest Policy & Forest Act with Editor/ Chief Editor of National Dailies ” jointly organized  by Prodipan and Bangladesh Forest Policy Advocacy Forum, to be held on Sunday, 30 December 2012 at 09.30 AM at Brac Inn, Mohakhali, Dhaka.

Background of the Program: Prodipan, established in 1983, is a humanitarian national organization to facilitate the process of organization building of the poor and underprivileged towards socio-economic empowerment with the specific target for children, gender, environment and climate change needs. A key area of Prodipan’s activism is to ensure  people’s voice specially who are lagging behind   to address developmental policy issues that are critical to regional  and national interests with a view to seek constructive solutions from major stakeholders. Prodipan is now working on Policy Campaign towards People Oriented Climate Resilience Forest Policy. To focus on that policy issue, Prodipan  initiated subsequent research, dialogues, seminar and workshop with relevant stakeholders and actively networks with other institutions within Bangladesh which have similar interests, and made a forum, named Bangladesh Forest Policy Advocacy Forum.

Expected  Outcome of this Seminar: Prodipan wants to disseminate the outputs of the research  among the various stakeholders with a view to ensuring wider outreach of the programme output as well as to create mass awareness to the impacts of climate change on the natural resources particularly on Forest and  try to create opinion for pro poor forest management in our country perspective to keep in mind that   is  now on the process to review the Forest Act, 1927 and Bangladesh Forest Policy,1994.

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