Sir Frank Peters brings festive cheer to orphans

Sir Frank PetersNGO News Report :: The Christmas Season is all but over and soon will be replaced by thoughts of the coming New Year, but for some orphan children, at least, the 2014 festive celebrations will linger in their memory banks for a long time to come.

Christmas is the most important day on the Christian calendar and celebrated with great enthusiasm, joy and cheer worldwide. For the orphan children at the Home of Hope orphanage and school in the Gazipur district it was no different – fun, games, entertainment, and good nourishing food for all.

“It was a delightful day for the children,” said anti corporal punishment crusader Sir Frank Peters. “Indoors there was special drama play enacted by the children with lots of song and dance and the participation of all present. Then outside there was an assortment of games in the playing fields in which Pastor Gilbert Baroi awarded prizes. Prize receiver or not, all the children were winners of a great time.

“To get to the play area you had to swim through a sea of young smiling well-wishers, most of whom only came up to my knees”, joked Sir Frank.

“Larry and Sharon Smith and Pastor Gilbert Baroi deserve a around of loud applause for their efforts to bring joy and cheer to the children.”

Sir Frank was accompanied to the orphanage by Ali Akbar, Moriam Ali and Rajowl Karim-Peters who co-ordinate free entertainment for children in Haydarabad.

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