Treatment and to do during in Flood

Treatment and to do during in Flood is known for every flood affected people is very important. Without knowing these facts, everyone will face deep problem in flood. Let’s talk about some facts during flood.

Medical and Do-it-yourself

If the diarrhea goes out of the body water and salt. The only treatment for meeting the lack of salt and water is the only treatment. If the amount of water that comes out from the body is not possible to get it back, people become sick immediately and if there is a shortage of salt water in the body, there is a risk of death. If you return the salt water to the body in time, there is no death. Drinking diarrhea in patients with saline, rice straw or other pure drink will reduce the salt-water shortage. Do not stop breastfeeding. The food that is normal for the age is to be eaten.

Keep Yourself Ready

Pure water should be collected before it is due to water. This can be used during and after disaster. If the water is not collected, the water purification equipment such as the purification pill, the fuel for the water to be dispersed. Besides, soap, clean water utensil etc. will also be collected. The drugs that can be kept at this time, paracetamol, metronidazol, tetracycline, wormmed pills and benzail benzoyut for oily dermatitis.

How to clean the water
Since the disease is due to contaminated water and unpleasantness, it is necessary to drink and drink pure water even after suffering. Drinking water can be used for drinking water if tube water is not available. If you want to drink water and drink water, you will have to drink it. Most of the germs die if left water for 10 minutes of waterwater. Keeping the water cooled after a few minutes, the visible germ can fall into the bottom. You can use the upper water by draining the drain. However, due to unfavorable environment and other factors, water is not possible everywhere. Water purification pills can be used in those places.
Various Skin Problems at this time
Avoid as much as possible from bath or bathing in flood water. Because the water is the container and carrier of various microbes. So the danger of dermatological exposure in this water touch. Due to damp and wet weather in hands and feet to stay in touch with water, there are many types of skin diseases such as skin or skin scabies, fungal infections, paranoia, and scabies.
In this context Masuda Khatun, associate professor of skin and sex department of Dhaka Medical College Hospital, said that one of the most dermatologic disorders in the period, fungal dermatomy is one of them. To avoid this problem do not put wet cloth on your body, wash hands and feet well and dry and dry.
Do the rest before drunking the tubewell drowning Water
Do not drink water without disinfecting tubewells that have been damaged or drowned by flooding. They can do this by themselves. Mix 100 grams of bleaching powder with one to two liters of water mixed with a jug or utensil. Then open the tube part of the tube from the pipe and pour the mixture into the pipe. Wait 15-20 minutes. Then apply the tube part of the tube to 15-20 minutes, if necessary press the handle for longer. Then the tubewell will be safe for drinking water. Keep in mind, do not drink tubewell water that is flooded in a flood without proper treatment. There is a great danger of water borne diseases.
Snake cut
Sit in safe place without being terrified by snakes. Do not shave the affected organs. Tie the affected area with a long wood and cloth. Do not bind too much, it can stop blood flow. It is bound to be tied in such a way as to put a finger in the affected limbs and cloth.
If there is severe pain in the affected area, if the bleeding occurs, if the eyelids fall, if the neck is not strong, and if the hands and feet become numb, then the patient will be taken to the hospital without delay.
Typically a typical snake bite is caused by a slight pain, swelling or a minor wound. However, it is not appropriate to take risks, even if these symptoms, any patient should be taken to the hospital. Remember, the snake bites can be treated only in the hospital, not anywhere else.

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