TRIAB Expresses Concern for Political Impasse that create huge loss of tourism

tourist spot in bangladeshNGO News Report :: Today, 16 January 2015, the President of Tourism Resort Industries Association of Bangladesh (TRIAB), Mr. Khabir Uddin Ahmed expresses a grave concern for the current long-standing political unrest that is taking a toll on tourism industry of Bangladesh. The President of TRIAB, Mr. Ahmed said, “Every year in the tourism season, political unrest erupts and the tourism investors – hoteliers, moteliers, resort owners, restaurant owners including the tour operators have to count a huge loss.

The resort owners of Bangladesh have already invested more than 4 hundred crore Taka and creating employment in the country without any government help. But the political loggerhead between the Government and Opposition force them to reap the losses, daily 1 crore Taka loss for the resort owners only.

That can not be happened in the country. TRIAB demands immediate resolve of this political loggerhead for the sake of the tourism industry.

TRIAB earnestly requests the political leaders of Bangladesh to consider tourism survive, and keep this fragile industry away from any type of political strike and blockades. Tourist carrying vehicles must be beyond the purview of any strike and blockade.

TRIAB also demands VAT and TAX wave as long as the political unrest lasts in the country. Otherwise, the tourism investors would be compelled to retrench its employees that will aggravate the unemployment in the country.

If the TRIAB demands are not considered, it will be bound to come to the street and refrain themselves to provide all kinds of VAT and Taxes to the government exchequer.

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