Voice of Humanity Foundation Launched Tele-Medicine Services for Coronavirus

Voice of Humanity Foundation has lunched free Tele-medicine service for Corona Virus and General Diseases in Bangladesh. The death toll on Corona and the number of deaths is increasing day by day all over the world.Patients are rushing to the hospital if they see some symptoms like fever, cold, cough. Patients are being discharged due to excessive stress in a short time. But now a social organization called Voice of Humanity Foundation has been offering and taking the initiative to get rid of this problem in all across the country.

It is reported that if anyone has symptoms of Corona Virus, failing to go to hospital or clinic, unable to get treatment due to poverty, or those who needs Doctor’s advice, they can get help in home and seek medical help with Voice of Humanity. Anyone can get advice and treatment of specialist’s (Doctor’s) in a video call via WhatsApp or IMO.

Dr. Asiful hoque, Head of the Health Department of VHF, Let’s write a message about your problem and get an appointment and the doctor will call you later. (Refrain from calling doctor’s unnecessarily)

The Co-Ordinator of this organization, Dr. Wasif kamal Nadim said that no helpless and poor people would be without medical care. This is our a little effort for that purpose. We are working to ensure medical care for these helpless people.

Founder of VHF Mr. M A Hasan said that the patient’s of Corona Virus are being offered online care and treatment in almost all countries, including China, Italy and Germany.

National and international humanitarian organizations must work side by side. During this time, he also urged incoming doctors to join the VHF. According to spokesman, Dr. Syeam salam rahat, After lunching this free and voluntary service humanitarian doctors have become able to give treatment 1460 general patients since 21, March 2020.

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