World’s poorest demand accelerated action on climate change

Countries must accelerate action on climate change now, before it’s too late, says new Bhutanese leader.
Emissions must be cut faster, and poor countries must be supported in addressing climate change, said Sonam P. Wangdi, the new Chair of the Least Developed Countries Group in UN climate change negotiations.
Time is running out and the science is undeniable. Unless drastic action is taken now, the world will heat up well beyond 1.5°C, affecting hundreds of millions of people.
“Already at just 1°C of warming we are seeing the devastating impacts of climate change; lives and livelihoods are being lost. There is only so much suffering we can take,” said Mr Wangdi, speaking at the 50th session of UN climate change negotiations in Bonn.
“We suffer the impacts of climate change first and the worst, although barely contributing to its cause.”
“We need to see those responsible accelerate action on climate change and scale up finance provided to the poor and vulnerable so that we can adapt, address the loss and damage climate change continues to cause, and develop without depending on dirty fossil fuels.”
“Why should children have to miss school to tell us that we need to urgently address this climate crisis? We know this is an emergency; now is the time for action.”
“Although we didn’t create this problem, the Least Developed Countries have stepped up to be part of the solution.”
“But we expect other countries with much greater capabilities and responsibilities, particularly developed countries, to take more leadership in responding to climate change.”
The members of the Least Developed Countries Group include Mozambique and Malawi which were hit this year by unprecedented cyclones that killed more than 600 people and affected 2.6 million more. Around the same time, another member country, Nepal, was hit by its first tornado in recorded history.

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