Yunus Urges Fashion World to Rally Around Garment Workers

NGO News Report :: Nobel Laureate Professor Yunus was the keynote speaker at the UN event for first ladies. Fashion for Development, an NGO devoted to promoting and supporting fashion industry to support development issues, honoured famous founder and editor of “The Beast”, Tina Brown on this occasion for her life-long devotion to standing up for women causes.

Professor Yunus handed over the Award on behalf of the “Fashion for Development”. Both Tina Brown and Anna Wintour, Chief Editor of the Vogue magazine and the Guru of fashion world, spoke highly of Professor Yunus’s contribution for improving the life of the poor women around the world. Professor Yunus in his keynote speech highlighted the pitiable condition of garment workers and urged the fashion leaders, and fashion designers to stand up in solidarity with the garment workers all over the world. He elaborated his proposal of International Minimum wage and Happy workers Tag for improving the lives of garment workers.

 Professor Muhammad Yunus, Chancellor of Glasow Caledonian University, launched the new GCU campus in NY. This event was organized by  GCU vice chancellor Pamela Gillies, UK minister, and representatives from the fashion industry, and over 200 dignitaries.

Professor Yunus also attended the Grameen America event, which has now crossed more than US$ 100 million in disbursements to 19,000 loanees through 12 branches operating in 5 states of the US. He also attended the board meeting of Grameen Prima Care which is a newly formed organization providing affordable health insurance to the microcredit borrowers of Grameen America.

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